Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whaling saga at its climax

The whaling issue in the Solomon Islands was at its peak. Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo in turn attacked the media for irresponsible handling the whaling saga. This following the public outcry on the issue which Lilo support Japan’s whaling scientific research programme in the country. Currently the issue has been a top debatable topic in the media where the public continue criticizing the proposed programme.
Lilo on his returned from  two weeks outing in Taiwan and Japan last week has accused the Opposition leader Dr Derrick Sikua for misleading the public and became angry at reporters who continue pressed on the topic. But Lilo continues reiterating that his government does not support commercial whaling by any country but will support Japan's scientific whaling programme. He said that it is important to find out more about the population of whales in the oceans and to devise appropriate conservation methods. Lilo stated that Solomon Islands was the first country in the Pacific to host the species and flora forum in Honiara. 

My comment is consistent with the comment recorded in the Species Commission and that is let a scientific research for an effective conservation can save the lives of endangered species. And the habit dwell of endangered species have been saved and we have seen them back at the Atlantic Ocean as a result of better conservation methods. Solomon Islands was a champion in the fight to protect endangered species as in 2010 it hosted a regional workshop on CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

There are number of questions needs consideration here regarding Lilo’s attacked to the media and the Opposition Leader. Why attacking the media as it is playing its role to inform the people? Actually this is an important issue which the public should know hence the media has the right to report it. Is it media manipulation exist here? I think the Prime Minister should change his support to whaling scientific research because it shows that the majority of the citizens are opposing the move.  His stance on the issue of finding better conservation method is insane as Solomon Islands is not even posed any threat to whales.  Whales are not hunted or harvested for food or other purposes; hence I believe there is no need to conduct any conservation research for that matter. Whales continues live peacefully and harmless and they deserve it.

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